Visualizing My Experience

Painting by me

This was the painting that I made in the very first week of Amal when we learned about ourselves. The experience was like a therapy of my mind which opened up new horizons for me and I participated for the first time and spoke in front of many people which was quite difficult for me before.

My feelings about the journey at the start were so thoughtful and I felt so excited after attending the orientation and first two sessions because these are the things which are missing in education and in society and this is ‘the empowerment of students’. Amal made their students to believe in themselves.

In the first two weeks I learned about myself, my personality traits and positivity which helped me throughout my tenure at Amal and I discovered that I can do everything once I decided to come out of my comfort zone. There is nothing that is limited. There are no such things like born talent and that talents can be learned through practice.

Also, we have this cat which reminded me one of my facilitator’s mother about which he told us in the second session of Amal. His mother has profound love for cats and she also has a cat in her home. She is a very strong single parent and I learned to be strong even in difficult situations by her experiences.

Lost in a world of books.