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Poor People Getting Education In Pakistan

Pakistan is a developing country and its economy is weak. Pakistan is facing many problems including lack of general awareness, illiteracy, poverty and hunger. All these problems are directly related to lack of quality education in the country.

The private schools that are providing quality education has high fee structures. The paradox is that private schools are better but not everywhere and government schools ensure equitable access but do not provide quality education.

There are so many intelligent little minds who are wandering and begging on roads. They do not have general awareness. They do not know how to behave, how to speak. They don’t know about manners and etiquettes and most importantly they do not have basic education and that’s why they are deprived of their basic rights.

Child beggars on roads

Education is the building block of national development. It enhances the sense of responsibility of the citizens. Through education, people can achieve their individual, societal and national rights. Education promotes general awareness and economic development and make people stable and competitive in the society.

Problem Statement: Currently, the quality education is not accessible to everyone in Pakistan so the people who can’t afford it, can’t get their dream jobs and can’t contribute to the betterment of their family and society as well. If we provide quality education to poor people at a very low fee structure then they will be able to access jobs that can help them economically and to make an impact in the society.

Children who haven’t access to education and want to study

My Strategy Related To This Issue:

Well, I want to provide a platform where quality education will be available in a very affordable fee structure to those who can’t afford those private institutions and ended up getting an ordinary education or begging on roads. For this purpose, I am thinking to rent out a place through fund raising and to organize an event through which I can raise awareness in public related to my initiative and insights. I will gather a team of qualified teachers who are committed to the same cause as I am and agree to teach poor people with me. I also want to provide necessary professional skills to my students so that they can be able to compete within this growing world.

I talked my friend related to this issue because he is running his own NGO named ‘The Investors Foundation’. He has guided me in this regard.

Experience From This Activity:

This experience empowered me to take initiative on my own. I have gained my strength to help people. This was the idea that was in my heart and if Amal academy does not ask me so I will never start thinking to work on it.

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